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Pump Presense Inspection

  Industry:   Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics
  Application:   Straw Presence Inspection Before Pump Placement.


The purpose of this application is to control the presence of a sunflower bottle reed pump before placing the pump on the bottle. In case he comes in the wrong time before his placement.

The solution was provided by the Cognex Checker® Mechanical Vision Sensor. Checker is easy-to-use and affordable vision sensors that replace photocells for more reliable product inspection and detection. Checker® vision sensors achieve where traditional sensors fail and allow multiple inspections with just one device. The SensorView color screen was also installed, from which the operator can easily monitor control statistics, change product, create new product, store images on an external USB stick, and even customize control if necessary.

Straw Presence 01

The Checker Mechanical Vision Sensor is shown above, and on the left, the SensorView operator screen and the image taken by the sensor.

Straw Presence 02

The tool that perceives the face of the lid is called contrast and is looking for an area that is defined by contrast. Contrast means that it seeks to "see" at the borders of the area of ​​light and dark pixels. Light-colored is the gloss of light in the straw and the dark ones are the pixels outside of the gloss.

We handle the error in any way whatsoever the customer wishes. Either by automatic discharging from the line, by an audible / bright alarm or by stopping the engine.

On the left of the screen are the sensor parameterization tools. The operator can simply save images, change the product, or even if it needs to customize the test, in very simple steps.

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