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360 Degrees Barcode Reading

  Industry:   Packing of confectionery
  Application:   360 Degrees Barcode Reading


The purpose of this application is to read and confirm the barcode of the confectionery wrapper which runs in a conveyor belt in random rotation direction. Accidental rotation of the packaging makes reading impossible with a reader.

For the application, four Cognex Dataman 60 series readers were used, which were placed in a specially designed stainless steel structure that was mounted on a floor pillar. The construction was based on the reading range of the readers to read the code at any angle of rotation of the product. Indeed, the success of the construction was that not only did not the code fail to be read, but whenever the code passed between the two readers' field of view was read by both readers.

The result was 100% control of production without the slightest intervention by the operator except for the change from product to product.

Below are some photos of the installation.

GenMills 01

At the top left of the two images below is the stainless steel support structure of the four readers, while on the upper right is the stainless steel panel of the system with Cognex's industrial 9-inch touchscreen color display for imaging and customizing the readers.

GenMills 02


GenMills 03

The error (the wrong package code) is in any case handled in any way the customer wishes. Either by automatic discharging from the line, by an audible / bright alarm or by stopping the engine. In this case, an audible / luminous alarm was triggered and production was stopped in order to remove the packaging from the production line.

Below are the images from the four readers as shown on the operator screen. In this download the code reads the bottom left reader.

GenMills 05

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