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FebriScan: Detection of elevated body temperature

FebriScan is an innovative solution from Automation Technology for the detection of potential coronavirus (COVID-19) infected persons, using a high-precision temperature imaging technique. It is quick to set up an access monitoring system using this non-contact elevated body temperature measurement method, which can be installed either temporarily in public places or in permanently fixed position at the entrance of a building. FebriScan consists of three components: an intelligent infrared camera, a temperature reference body and a specially developed FebriScan App. The interconnection of these components enables body temperatures to be recorded with the highest accuracy. To guarantee the reliability of the temperature readings, the FebriScan has multiple fully automatic integrated self-test functions. Further advantages: simple installation, fast measuring process, fully mobile solution. The resulting temperature reading appears graphically on the screen as a straightforward green/red with precise temperature reading. Red indicates an elevated body temperature, green indicates a normal range measurement.

How does the test work:
FebriScan’s detection result complies with the IEC 80601-259:2017 standard. During the procedure, the infrared camera captures the temperature map of the person’s face. The FebriScan’s special advantage: the temperature is measured at the most heat-intensive point on the face - namely the inner eyelid angle of the eye (canthus), which shows the actual body temperature. In combination with the high-precision temperature reference, our FebriScan App then verifies the detection result. This is the only way to achieve a precise statement of body temperature. Important to note: For the camera to capture the relevant area, glasses must not be worn during the measurement process.
2 distance variations for different installation conditions:

The configuration of the FebriScan depends on the distance between the face and the infrared camera, which - depending on the installation circumstances - can be adjusted individually. Depending on the distance specification, the camera’s lens is selected to match the distance specification, whereas the monitor and the temperature reference body are constant elements in the fever control.

Watch in demo videos below how easy is to setup and use - just in a few minutes - Mobile & Portal Package.

We are honored to be the exclusive representatives of Automation Technology for Greece and Cyprus.

For further information or a quotation of FebriScan products don't hesitate to communicate with us.


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