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Checker Vision Sensors


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  • High speedImage processing (up to 6000 pieces per minute).
  • Visual programming
  • Limited number of control algorithms
  • Creation of turnkey customized solution upon notice
  • Durable industrial construction with IP67 and real-time operating system
  • Low and high resolution cameras

The Mechanical Vision Checker system has the capabilities of an optical system for simple applications within a compact and durable unit.

Its great advantage is that it can replace a number of sensors and the time-consuming adjustments that have to be done with every product change. The program defines the attribute with which it’s going to recognize the product with a process called Parfind, and then the checks are lead to the points one wants. In the end each product has its own program, and all the operator has to do is pick it through SensorView.

Designed for industrial applications, Checker is a single closed unit with no moving parts, containing all the important parts of an optical control system. This includes a high-speed microprocessor, semi-conductor memory, optically isolated inputs and outputs, a USB interface and an internal real-time operating system.

The Checker micro-vision system includes a library of vision programming tools and is called Checker.

Checker software includes image editing tools to achieve the integration of simple applications on-demand with the help of an easy-to-use menu.

Image editing programs are formed by selecting tools from a variety of control algorithms. They include segmentation and distance measurements on 3G models as well as on the brightness, contrast and pattern on all models. With these, identification of imperfections, piece position, packaging control, label and cap check and assembly control can be achieved.

For optimal operation, the parameters can be set through the control program or through the SensorView screen. Thus an image of the products along with alerts on problematic products can be displayed and activation of mechanisms for any necessary interventions in the production line.

With the performance of a complete optical system in its solid industrial construction, the Checker Machine Vision System is an economical and fast system that covers a wide range of control applications.

 Checker Vs Photocell

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